“Their job is to get to the limit and my job is to keep them within the limit”

One of the major talking points of the Czech Republic MotoGP weekend was the debut of the new Ducati fairing.

Although not as extreme as the ‘hammerhead’ design seen in winter testing, the fairing is clearly the most radical of the new generation of aerodynamics to be homologated for a grand prix event.

External wings were banned at the end of last season until new rules which prohibit: “Devices or shapes [that may have an aerodynamic effect] protruding from the fairing or bodywork and not integrated in the body streamlining.”

Technical Director Danny Aldridge is the sole judge of whether a device or fairing design is within the new regulations.

This is what Aldridge had to say about the Ducati fairing, which Gigi Dall’Igna says produces 40% of the former wing downforce, during Monday’s test session at Brno…

4-5 modifications before getting the green light:

 “The design and homologation process for the Ducati fairing has been going on for a few months. The first design they submitted, we said ‘no, you need to change this’. So it’s not a case they got everything they wanted.

“Their job is to get to the limit and my job is to keep them within the limit. So it’s finding a compromise. What happens with the first design – and this has happened with other manufacturers as well obviously – is they say ‘is this allowed?’ And I say, ‘no, what you need to do is adjust this, this and this’ and so they come back with a version two, version three, version four.

“With all of these aero packages, the rule book states the final say is mine, but I understand that it’s such an important decision so I also speak to other people such as Mike Webb [Race Director] and Corrado Cecchinelli [MotoGP Director of Technology]. We sit down as a kind of mini-committee. I get their opinion and input until we get to a point where we all agree it’s within the rules. That’s when I allow it.

 “The openness of the rules has both helped and hindered us. I’m trying to be fair to everyone, but every decision sets a precedent. You’re always thinking, ‘how might this evolve?’ So it really helps talking everything through with Mike and Corrado. Three heads are better than one in some respects.

“The rules say it is down to the Technical Director’s interpretation and of course everyone has a different interpretation. Some people might say ‘it’s a wing, it shouldn’t be allowed’, others might say they like it and understand why it was allowed. 20 people will give 20 different views.

“But it makes motorcycle racing interesting. It’s nice to see different looking bikes on track. Otherwise you go towards a one-make series. Also, in F1, the aerodynamic rules are very strict, but they still have arguments every week about the latest developments.

 ‘We could start to define curvature and angles’
“To go back to the beginning, we requested to the manufacturers, ‘you give us some rules’ for the ban on wings. And they couldn’t. But maybe the rules are too open at the moment…[Read more….]

Source: MotoGP: Technical Director talks Ducati fairing | MotoGP News | Crash

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